Friday, October 11, 2013

Graphic Novel: Reading Workshop check-in

1. Which two graphic novels did you read? Title and Author? 
2. Write roughly a 25-30 word summary for each book in the comments section below.
(Use Word to keep track of your word count.)
3. Be sure to add your first name and class # at the top of each comment.


  1. Mrs. Mc Tague, Class 2,5,6 & 7:

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    2. Solomon's Thieves- By Jordan Mechner
      In this graphic novel, Templar’s located in France are all arrested for crimes they didn’t commit. After escaping the mass arrest, three Templars on the run search for the truth, and try to set things right.

      Fight For Freedom- By Stan Mack and Susan Chaplin
      In this graphic novel, it is a time of Civil War in America, when a young slave boy, Sam, runs away from his owner and heads North, towards freedom. When he reaches Washington D.C. he makes an interesting friend, who convinces him to help the North defeat the South and free all slaves in America.

  2. Annie Donohue Class 7
    The Baby-Sitters Club By Ann M. Martin
    4 girl, Kirsty, Mary Anne, Stacey and Claudia, start a home made business that allows them to take job opportunities as baby-sitters. They share experiences with each other about there jobs ans learn from there mistakes. They become great friends along the way and strive to be great baby-sitters, but also great role models for the kids.

  3. Claire Terry Class 7

    The two books I read were Amulet by Kazu Kibuishi and Thoreau at Walden by John Porcellino.
    In "Amulet" by Kazu Kibuishi it is a about a character named Emily and her friends fighting against a boy named Max who stole the mother stone. Throughout the book they continue to fight, but Emily realizes something about the voice of the stones. The voice of these stones control what the people do, and the voice tells them things in their sleep. This book does not have a complete ending because there is a whole series and a book comes after the one I read.
    In the book "Thoreau at Walden" it is about a man named Thoreau who has many jobs and realizes that none of them fit what he wants. This makes him move out by a pond called Walden Pond. At the pond he builds himself a cabin and a bean farm. He writes about his journey and tries to get out a message. That message is that people should follow their dream and do what they want instead of doing things you don’t want to do. In, the end he calls this experience an experiment and goes back to town.

  4. Anni Balla Class 7

    The two books I read were The Last Dragon and Defiance.
    The Last Dragon by Jane Yolen- Two-hundred years ago, dragons existed living along with the humans. In the end, the humans and the dragons fought. The humans won, and that was the last of the dragons. However, there was still one egg left, and it was about to hatch. The story continues with the main character, Tansy. One day, she and her dad are in the woods when she comes across this flower, Firewood Flamewort, which contains dragon’s bane. Tansy ends up touching the flower, burning her hands. Dragon’s bane was proven to be a myth, but not anymore. The dragon, while in the woods, eats tansy’s dad. She is devastated by this tragedy and her town decides to find the dragon and slay him. The town must find a hero to slay the dragon and kill him.
    The second book I read was Defiance by Carla Jablonski. This book takes place during World War II. The main character, Paul, is a boy who lives in the French countryside with his mother, aunt, and two sisters, Marie and Sylvie. German soldiers are guarding Paul’s town and he doesn’t like it. Paul takes roll and draws pictures of the Germans to make them mad. Marie and Sylvie are also going against the Germans. While Paul runs away to live in the mountains with the Maquis, a group against the Germans, his sister Sylvie finds out that the Germans plan an attack on them. She must find a way to tell Paul that they’ll be attacked in time, before the Germans get to them first.

  5. Tim Higgins Class 7
    The two graphic novel books I read were "Maximum Ride”, book two of the series by James Patterson. And "Little White Duck" by Na Liu and Andres Vera Martinez. In the second book of Maximum Ride, the flock escapes a facility that they were trapped in and fly to New York City in hope of finding information on their parents. While they are there, Max begins to hear a voice inside her head that helps guide her and her friends towards the information. Also, they are being constantly hunted by her captors. In the end they find the information on the flock’s parents and they head out to find them. In my second book, "Little White Duck", it is about a little girl named Da Qin and her sister Xiao Qin growing up during when Chairman Mao has died and what life for her and her family was like during that time. This book also teaches you Chinese customs and traditions throughout the story. The story ends when Da Qin and Xiao Qin visit their grandmother’s town and learn that the people, especially the kids there are not as lucky as she and her family is. This inspires her to get to know them and learn to go down to their level and see things from their perspective.

  6. Catherine Nachtigal Class 6
    The two graphic novels that I read were Maximum Ride (4), by James Patterson, and The Hardy Boys #9 To die or not to die?, by Scott Lobdell
    Maximum Ride:
    The flock is learning in a regular school and they are living with Anne. Soon after they start going to school, they realize that there is something suspicious about the school. When one of the teachers finally attacks Max, she and the flock finally leave the school, and find out that Anne is not really Max's mother, but she is the head of the organization that mutated the flock. The flock hides, but Max is replaced by a clone and has to get away from the scientists once again, while the flock and clone Max break into Itex.
    The Hardy Boys:
    Frank and Joe Hardy are informed that there is a contestant in a drama contest that is going to drastic measures to insure victory; they are literally trying to eliminate the competition. Frank decides to enter the contest with Joelle, the person that they have to protect, and things soon go downhill from there. When they arrive, he, Joe, and the contestants are attacked by various traps set by another contestant. Soon Joelle starts to become extremely competitive and eager to win, and Frank finally figures out who the unexpected criminal is.

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  8. Cate Benitez Class 2

    The two graphic novels that I read were “Foiled” by Mike Cavallaro and “Cat Burglar Black” by Richard Sala.
    “Foiled” by Mike Cavallaro is about a high school student named Aliera, who is more focused on her love for fencing than her social status in school. This is until a new boy comes to her school and even though for so many years she has “protected her heart” she may not be able to anymore. When he asks her out on a date she puts on her fencing mask and experiences the world completely different and sees whom she really is with her mask on.
    In “Cat Burglar Black” by Richard Sala the main character K Westree gets shipped off to Bellsong Academy. There are only three other girls there, creepy teachers, no classes in session, talking statues and a principal who forces them to rob houses in order to find the mysterious history of the school. K learns not to trust any adult in the school when she realizes that they are not who they say they are.

  9. Emma Bedell Class 6

    The two graphic novels I read were “Spring” by Mark Crilley and “The Call of the Wild” by Jack London’s.
    “Spring” by Mark Crilley is about a girl named Miki and she is a senior in high school. She had blown up her whole junior year obsessing over the expectations of others, so this year she was determined to make it the best year of high school yet. Until, Hiro shows up. Hiro is a new boy at the school and Miki hears loads about him and can’t wait to meet him, but when she meets him she soon realizes that he holds many, many secrets and she wants to find them out. While Miki is trying to find out this boys dark secrets she realizes that she starts to fall for Hiro, but Hiro does not fall for her.
    “The Call of the Wild” by Jack London’s is about a half St.Bernard half sheepdog named Buck. Buck is a very smart and tough dog. When some men discover that there is gold in Canada a gardener kidnaps Buck to train him to obey by beating him with a club. Then they ship Buck up to Canada. In Canada Buck is working for the Canadian government and begins to adjust life as a sled dog. Buck kills the lead dog Spitz and then takes his place as the lead dog. The team gets turned over to a mail carrier that forces the dogs to carry much heavier loads. Many dogs die because they are so weak and tired. The team gets sold to a group of American gold hunters. All of the dogs on the team die so it is only Buck and Thornton. Buck helps out Thornton a lot. One day when Buck gets back to the camp he sees that many Indians have killed all of his masters.

  10. Eric Tonno- Class 6
    The two graphic novels I read were Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury, illustrated by Tim Hamilton, and Macbeth by Shakespeare, adapted by SparkNotes. Fahrenheit 451 is about a man named Guy Montag, a fireman in the future. Instead of firemen putting out fires like today, they burn houses that have books in them instead. Books are illegal due to population growth and new technologies. He also has a hidden stash of books in his house even though his job is to burn them. His wife eventually turns him in and he is forced to run or get arrested.
    Macbeth is a play about a Scottish man named Macbeth. He begins to gain power and meets three witches who tell him he will become king of Scotland. When King Duncan visits him, Macbeth kills him and becomes the king. His many actions due to being power hungry eventually make England attack, and he is killed, restoring King Duncan's son to the throne.

  11. Elizabeth Burger class6

    Warriors: Ravenpaw's Path Shattered Peace By: Erin Hunter

    This book is about a cat named Ravenpaw and his friend Barley who leave a cat fighting clan for a regular life style at a family's barn. Ravenpaw explains that he likes it there and so does his friend, but when intruding cats come and live with them, Barley is skeptical about the new cats. After a little bit, the cats leave, and Barley is happy. A couple of days later the intruding cats come back and break the barn rules which is eating the chickens below them. The owner of the barn yells at Ravenpaw and Barley, yet they didn't do anything. Therefore, Ravenpaw and Barley must leave the barn and go find home somewhere else.

  12. Elizabeth Burger Class6

    "Maxiumum Ride Volume 3" by James Patterson

    The Flock members are taken under the wing of an FBI agent and try to live "normal" lives by going to school, making friends, and continuing their search for their parents. But the Erasers return, forcing the Flock to stop their search for their parents and make their escape once again. It's also becoming more obvious to Max that her destiny is to save the world, and this is especially challenging to do when she is faced with her ultimate match: a newer and better version of herself.

  13. Peter Hoefler- Class 7

    Graphic Novel #1: Fahrenheit 451 By: Tim Hamilton

    The graphic novel, "Fahrenheit 451", it is about a man named Guy Montag who is a "fireman" whose job is to burn the people's houses if they are caught with books. Yet, Guy keeps books in his house, not telling anybody except for his wife, Mildred.

    Graphic Novel #2: Maus By: Art Spiegelman

    The graphic novel "Maus" is about a man named Artie (Art) who stays with his father for awhile, and listens to his many stories and adventures in World War 2. He learns from his father how he survived through, limited food, disease, weather, and harsh German Nazis.

  14. Lauren Chamberlin Class 7
    Maximum Ride by James Patterson

    Maximum Ride and everyone in her Flock were all apart of an experiment that genetically altered them into becoming part bird. They are hiding from Erasers that are hunting them down and trying to take them back to the dreadful School, where they were experimented on. But when their youngest member, Angel, is kidnapped by the Erasers Max and the Flock will do anything to get her back safely. With some conflicts along the way, Max and the Flock race to save Angel, and might just get some of their unanswered questions answered.

    Artemis Fowl by: Eoin Colfer
    Artemis Fowl is a 12 year old genius that begins to search for the world of fairies. Once he plunges into their world he knows he will not be able to get out easily. He soon finds out he must capture a fairy. Artemis kidnaps the fairy, Holly Short, and holds her for ransom to restore his families fortune. Except, Artemis might just gain a few more problems than he was bargaining for.

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  18. Kruti Narasu
    Class 2

    The Secret Science Alliance and the Copycat Crook; by Eleanor Davis

    Julian is new to town, and he wants to revamp his image from book-smart nerd to super-cool kid. But one day he receives a cipher that, after decoding, tells him that there are people who want to meet him. Lo and behold fellow students Greta and Ben have their own club where they draw, invent things, and celebrate their brains. Thus, the Secret Science Alliance is born. Armed with their shared love of (fictional) scientist Andro Kablovsky, the gang sets about inventing cool gadgets and keeping a top-secret notebook of all their schematics. But when the Alliance finds out that their top-secret invention notebook has been swiped, they launch a plan of action that will knock the culprit's socks off!

  19. Kruti Narasu
    Class 2

    Trouble maker 2; by Janet and Alex Evanovich

    In order to find the wooden body of Baron Samedi that matches their recently acquired –and stolen—wooden hand, Barnaby and Hooker set sail for the Florida Keys. But in the world of Petro Voodoo a hand for a hand and a Baron for a boat is fair play! When the Happy Hooker disappears from its mooring in the Keys, they must find a way back to Miami with the stolen statue of Baron Samedi. Ransom notes for the Happy Hooker, a sack of snakes, and a ticked off chicken. The only place that Barnaby and Hooker can hide Baron is at Hooker's mom's house.

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  21. Chloe Cava
    Class 5

    The two graphic novels I read were “Avalon High” (Coronation) by Meg Cabot and “The Call of the Wild” by Jack Londons.
    Avalon High is about a girl named Ellie who moved from Minnesota to Maryland, and she’s the new girl at Avalon High and she’s the fastest girl on the track team. She falls in love with Will, the quarterback on the football team and he falls in love with her as well. When Ellie was assigned a report on the Lady of Shalott and she realizes Will is the reincarnation of King Arthur and she is the Lady of Shalott. Ellie is worried about Will because he was kicked out of his house by his parents and he doesn’t believe Ellie when she tells him he’s King Arthur. She tries to help him but things just get worse.
    Call of the Wild:
    The graphic novel "The Call of The Wild," is about a dog named Buck and he gets stolen from his original owner and gets put into dog slavery. He has to pull heavy sleds through miles of ice with little or nothing to eat and he gets beatings. Buck gets in a fight with Spitz, the leader of the pack and Buck wins becoming the new leader of the dog sled team. The team gets a new driver who breaks through the ice leading the team and himself to death. But John Thorton saves Buck. John and Buck become very good friends and they save each others lives and protect each other. Sadly Thorton is killed by the Yeehat tribe and Buck has to live on his own.

  22. Niklas Parsch
    Class 2
    Trouble Maker book one
    The graphic novel, Trouble Maker, book one, by Janet and Alex Evanovich, is about a man called Sam and a woman called Alex. They find out that their friend Rosa has been kidnapped and they need to save her. Sam and Alex investigate until they meet the man that kidnapped Rosa, and Rosa. The man that kidnapped Rosa wants to get something from them, but instead of giving him what he wants, they quickly run away with Rosa

  23. Niklas Parsch
    Class 2
    The Story of Roberto Clemente
    The graphic novel, The Story of Roberto Clemente, by Wilfred Santiago, is a bibliography about the professional baseball player Roberto Clemente. Roberto Clemente was born in Puerto Rico and works hard to become a great baseball Player. Later on He plays a big part to help his professional team achieve many goals.

  24. Allison Lee Class 5
    The two books I read were “The Wizard of Oz” by Michael Cavallaro and “Resistance” by Clara Jablonski and Leland Purvis.
    “The Wizard of Oz” by Michael Cavallaro is about a girl named Dorothy who is an orphan and lives with her Aunt Em and Uncle Henry. They lived in Kansas where one day there was a tornado. Instead of going to the cellar where Aunt Em and Uncle Henry were, Dorothy went to get Toto, her dog. The house got picked up in the cyclone and finally landed in “The Land of the Munchkins”. Dorothy and Toto then embark on a long trip to the Land of Oz, to ask the wizard to send them back to Kansas. By the time Dorothy gets to Oz she has already accidently killed a witch, and made friends with the brainless scarecrow, the cowardly lion, the heartless tin man, and a whole army of field mice.

    “Resistance” by Clara Jablonski and Leland Purvis takes place during World War II in a small French village. It is about a boy named Paul, his two sisters Sylvie and Marie, and his Jewish friend Henry, and his family. The Germans come to the village and send anyone who is Jewish to concentration camps. Henri’s parents disappear one day, and Paul and Marie decide to hide Henri. They also end up joining the resistance-which was an organization that was made up of people willing to do anything to stop the Germans. Eventually they find Henri’s parents who were a part of the resistance and reunite them.

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  26. Johnny Class 2
    The two graphic novels I read were “Defiance” by Carla Jablonski and Leland Purvis, and “The Lightning Thief” by Rick Riordan. Defiance is about a boy named Paul living in German Occupied France during the 1940s. He is very upset about the way things are playing out in his country. So he decides to help resistance group fight against Germany. The boy helps this cause by hanging up poster showing what bad things the Germans are doing. In the end, he resists and helps his group of resistant’s called the Maquis.
    “The Lightning Thief” is about a demigod named Percy Jackson who thinks he is just some ordinary boy with a lot of differences. But Percy is really the son of Poseidon, one of the big three. He learns that Zeus has just recently accused his father of the stealing his master bolt. When Percy learns about this he then has to go on a quest to retrieve it back from the underworld. But along the way he learns that it is not in the underworld and it has been with him all along, and that he was also set up by a friend, Luke. IN the end he returns the bolt to Zeus and there is no war between the gods.

  27. The first graphic novel I read was “Booth” by C.C. Colbert and Tanitoc. This is the story of John Wilkes Booth and the complex plan to assassinate President Lincoln. This book explains Booth’s family, why he did it, and who was involved.

  28. My second book was “Ronald Reagan” by Andrew Helfer, Steve Buccellato, and Joe Staton. This is the story of Reagan’s life, from a Midwestern boy, born into a troubled home, to the president of the United States.

  29. Ben Eig class 6
    The graphic novel "Pendragon" by D.J. McHale is about a popular boy named Bobby who was taken by his uncle to another world called Denduran. His uncle did this so Bobby can try to save this Denduran from the evil leader. In the Bobby saves the world and becomes a hero.

  30. Ben eig class 6
    The book "Clan Apis" by Jay Hosler is about a bee named Nyuki's life. In the beginning Nyuki goes through metamorphosis to become a bee. Them Nyuki has to find a place for all the bees to live but she runs into some mean creatures on the way that try to kill her. After that she stays inside mostly until her sister Devorah convinces her to go out again. When she goes out she meets a flower called Bloomington. But sadly she dies in the end.

  31. Chris Doherty Class7
    In the book Tom Sawyer by Mark Twain, Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn live an average life in the South, going to school and playing in the river, but one day Tom and Huck were playing in a graveyard when they saw people digging up graves. The kids hid in a small mausoleum and observed what was going on. The men digging up the graves started to argue then a fight broke out and someone pulled out a knife and stabbed the man fighting with him. The next morning, the people found the body and found a knife that belonged to a man by the name of Muff Potter. The problem is that Muff was not the murderer, it was a man named Injun Joe. the boys try to convince the people before the trail that it was Injun Joe who murdered the man and not muff. At the time of the trail Tom is called as a witness and he confesses that he saw Injun Joe commit the murder. Suddenly, Injun Joe leaps out of the window and runs away, the townsfolk try to catch him but he was to fast and he got away. The rest of the story is about Tom and Huck trying to find Joe, and it ends with Tom trapping Joe in a mine only to come out dead because he had no food to eat.
    The second book I read was Maximum Ride Book 4 by James Patterson. In the book the flock, Maximum Ride, Fang, Iggy, Nudge, Gasman, and Angel, have to escape from the town that they have been staying because and Eraser named Ari is hunting them to kill them. On the way, they found the parents of Iggy and he stayed there instead of escaping with the flock. The flock flies away to Florida and stayed in a forest only to find two children. The children turn out to be spies and the flock had to fly away. The book ends when they arrive at the building that Ari is in and they get trapped by him.

  32. Annie Donohue Class 7
    Around the World by Matt Phelan
    Around the World is about three separate stories about traveling around the world. Each person in the graphic novel faces challenges throughout their journey and over come fear, but they successfully accomplish the unthinkable.

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  34. Emily Como Class 5

    “The Little Prince” by Joann Sfar is about a man who gets stranded in a desert after his plane crashes. He is trying to fix his plane when one day, a little prince appears in the desert who is from a different planet. The little boy tells the man his story of his special rose that he left at his own planet, and all the other different planets that he visited before earth. Once the little prince got to earth he discovers that his little flower is all alone and he becomes very worried. However, even thought the little prince tries to talk to the man he ignores the prince because he has to get work done and that makes the prince mad. Afterwards, the prince and the man grow a very strong bond of friendship, but eventually the prince must go and he disappears into the sunset.

  35. Emily Como Class 5

    “Prince of Persia” by Jordan Mechner is about five different people who are accused of put to death for a crime that they did not do. However, the only way they can escape is by telling the story of how they all met. While each person tells the story the judge slowly starts to believe that they are telling the truth. However, when the group claims that the prince of their country, Prince Dastan, gave them a very expensive treasure, the judge laughs because he believes that it is impossible for his majesty to give them such a wealth. Once every person tells their story of how they met the prince, the judge tells them that they will all be killed because he doesn’t believe them. In the end, it turns out that the group was right and later, the prince comes to the judge and tells him that they are not to be harmed.

  36. Gabriel Maiolo
    Class 6

    Solomon’s Thieves is written by Jordan Mechner. In the story the main character Martin. He is in love with the king’s daughter. The king is persuaded into thinking that the Templars were doing evil deeds against god. Martin escapes while the king’s men round the Templars so he could kill them all for their deeds. He escapes and sets off to save them before it’s too late.

    Julius Caesar is written by Mustashrik. In the story a handful of the wealthiest noble men rebel against King Caesar. The public is in a great outrage on what happened to their king. The man who took over Brutus is so scared of the outcome of what may happens so he kills himself. His helpers also commit suicide because they can’t take over so this Rome falls into an anarchy.

  37. Emily Wright Class #7

    Maximum Ride (6) - James Patterson

    Maximum Ride and her “flock” are experiments resulting in making them half bird half human. This enables them to fly. This graphic novel starts off, with Max and her flock trapped in a jail made by ITEX. They are quickly freed by Ari. After they are freed, Max and Fang get into a huge argument. This argument results in them going separate ways. Max takes Ari, Nudge, and Angel. Fang takes Iggy, and Gasman. Max and her group head off to Europe. Fang and his group go to California. Along the way the make new discoveries about themselves and eachother. They also learn very important things. In the end they all meet up in need of each other’s help. Max and an eraser end up having one of the biggest battles of all times. Will Max beat the eraser who is much stronger and more advanced than her?

    Yossel - Joe Kubert

    Yossel is a 15 year old Jewish boy living in the basement of the Warsaw Ghetto in Poland during the Holocaust in the year 1943. Yossel is a very gifted drawer. He always said “Drawing was my escape to the horrors that were going on all around me.” The graphic novel starts off with Yossel and the people he stays with hiding in the basement of the Warsaw Ghetto. When he is asked how he became such a good drawer, he is asked if he got his drawing genes from his family members. When asked this question, he remembers two years ago when everything was okay. Yossel then tells the story of his parents and sister and how they were separated and sent to a concentration camp. The story returns to him meeting his old Rebbe. His Rebee had just escaped a concentration camp and tells all the horrors from that. This story is one of courage, loyalty, bravery, love, sadness, and triumph.

  38. Colin Logsdon
    Class 2

    In the graphic novel "The Dresden Files: Welcome To The Jungle" by Jim Butcher, a wizard consultant, Harry Dresden, for the Chicago Police Department investigates the murder of Maurice Sandbourne. Dresden later figures out that a 2000 year group of witches did it while trying to retrieve lions blood for a ritual. Sandbourne was in the witches way when they were retrieving the blood. They were later brought to justice by Harry Dresden.

  39. Zachary Eng
    Class: 7

    I read Solomon’s Thieves by Jordan Mechner, and I also read Foiled by Jane Yolen, illustrated by Mike Cavallaro.

    Solomon’s Thieves was about the main character, Martin, who is a Templar that is being pursued by the king because he was tricked into thinking the Templars do terrible things.

    Foiled is about a girl who likes to fence named Aliera Carstairs. Aliera is posed with many strange and difficult situations ranging from a very weird, but handsome lab partner that she can’t stop thinking about, and seeing monsters that may exist.

  40. Chris Witte Class 6
    I read the “The Hobbit” by J.R.R Tolkien and “Resistance” by Carla Jablonski and Leland Purvis. In “Resistance” main characters Paul and Marie’s French country town is almost untouched by the ravages of WWII, but the siblings still live in the shadow of war. Their father is a Prisoner of War, kept hostage by the Germans. When their friend Henri’s parents disappear and Henri goes into hiding because of his Jewish ancestry, Paul and Marie realize they must take a stand. They try to convince the French Resistance that even children can help in their fight against injustice.
    In the “Hobbit” a hobbit named Bilbo Baggins who lives a quiet life is taken on an epic adventure with 13 dwarves and a wizard. They embark on their epic quest to reclaim the dwarf’s stolen treasure from the dragon Smaug. Along the way Bilbo encounters spiders, trolls, and other horrific beasts.

  41. Bobby Briganti Class 7
    The book I read was "The Red Pyramid" by Rick Riordan and Orpheus Collar. It was about a boy, Carter, and a girl, Sadie. Both brothers and sisters. their mom died but what they didn't know was how. Sadie lives with her grandparents in England and Carter lives with their dad in America. They both thought they were normal teenagers, but when their dad took them to this museum they realized they weren’t. They saw their dad get put into a egyptian coffin and get put under the ground by Set. They find out that they have these powers from mythical gods and have to save their father and stop Set before he takes over the world.

    The second book I read was “Into The Volcano” by Don Wood. Two Brothers, Sumo and Duffy, go on a trip to their Auntie’s house not knowing what they’re in for. They get trapped inside underground lava tubes of an erupting volcano. They have to escape from the group and one of them takes terrible fall down a big crack in the ground. Sumo has to find the brave side of himself to go save Duffy or they will die.

  42. The two books i read were "The Hobbit" by J.R.R Tolkien and "Prince Of Persia" by Jordan Mechner. In the story The Hobbit Young Bilbo bagginses a hobbit witch is a peaceful nice creature. Is encounterd by wizared Gandalf he wants Biblo to get out of his house and to go on an adventure. This is a very dangerous adventure Bilbo and a couple of dwarfs will try to get the dwarf kingdom back from the dreaded dragon. On this adventure Biblo will encounter horrifying creations on this adventure.
    The second book I read was Prince Of Persia. In this story was multiple short stories. The people of Egypt had to entertane the king with stories. in the book it described eacch characters stories. All of them were very good there was one story that had to do with love. Also there was some that had to do with action and adventure with grusome battles. overall this was a very good graphic novel.

  43. Tyler Gerding
    Class 2
    My book was “A Study in Scarlet”, by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Edinton and Culbard. It was a murder mystery about Sherlock Holmes and his first adventures with Watson. There was a double murder in and Sherlock had to find the killer.

    I also read the book “Excalibur the Legend of King Arthur”, by Tony Lee and Sam Hart. It was about King Arthur and his quest to become King and pull the sword form the stone. When he became king it was about his battles with his evil sister.

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  45. Class 2

    Book 1 “A House Divided” By Marshall Poe

    The book “A House Divided” is a bout two brothers, Amos and Owen, who were part of the underground railroad, but after there parents passing, they decide to move west to fight slavery. The brothers did not realize that there was nothing out west and that war may be building they go there separate ways. Amos go and joins John Brown, well Owen joins up with Abraham Lincoln. In the end they end up reuniting and Abe Lincoln Becomes president.

    Book 2 “The Castaways” By Rob Vollmar

    This Graphic Novel is about a boy named Tucker. Tuckers dad road trains a lot until one day he never came home. He says at his ants farm with his mom and brothers and sisters, when one day the widow ant told him to leave. He left knowing that his mom would never want him to go, but being the man of the family he felt he needed to support them. When he finds himself lost and not knowing where to go a black man named Lijah who helps him find his way home.

  46. Alexandria Darling class 6

    The first graphic novel I read was “ Mouse Guard Legends of the Guard”. The book was about many mice coming to the local place the, June Alley Inn. The owner and operator of this hospitable, or friendly and welcoming inn was June and it was located on the west end of the Mouse Territories. Since June is a nice mouse as one says, “ Yer the only spirit-well in town” he let some of the customers tabs slide but now he is having trouble earning a living for himself. So, instead of just making them pay him back their old tabs he wants to make it a little more interesting. June makes it more interesting by making it a contest. The contest is to see who can tell June a story. Whoever tells the best story will not have to pay their past bills they will be cleared but for everyone else that does not win has to pay the tab in seven days time. The three rules are “tell no complete truths, no complete falsehoods, and tell me a tale I never heard.” Therefore, throughout the story each mouse takes their turn in trying to tell the best tale.

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  48. Class 5

    One of the graphic novels I read was The Hardy Boys (#6 Hide and Shriek) by Scott Lobdell and Sidney Lima. In this graphic novel, two boys Frank and Joe must go to the Jekyll and Hyde adventures club in midtown manhattan for Sangita’s sixteenth birthday. She is the daughter of the ambassador to Osyria, granddaughter of the queen, and she is next in line to the throne. Joe and Frank’s job is to find out who is planning to kill Sangita. When they first arrive at the club, they meet Finola who is the manager of the club, and she shows Joe and Frank around the club and gives them their secret identities for the night. While all of the guests at the party are eating dinner, Frank sees a tourist with a gun who is slowly approaching Sangita. Just as the tourist is about to shoot the gun, Frank punches him in the face and he is arrested by the police. As Joe and Frank are leaving the dinner as they see a man trying to electrocute Santa in front of the crowd. Joe climbs up to save Sangita, and Omar is arrested. Frank and Joe brought Sangita to a fast food restaurant to celebrate her sixteenth birthday.

  49. Charlotte Buckman Class 7
    “Journey into Mohawk Country” by H.M. van den Bogert. This book is about H.M. van der Bogert, a Dutch Trader, and his travels into the Manhattan Island in 1634. In his adventure, he learned about the Mohawk tribe which controlled the most important trading routes in the region. He traded weapons for shelter and food and created new tribal friends which would help him with the Dutch trading. H.M. kept a journal while he was traveling to note down all the things going on. He did many trading for beavers, and went to many different castles and traded sorts of things. Over all, H.M. learned new things about the Mohawk tribe and also got lots of trading done while he was there.

  50. Class 5

    One of the graphic novels I read was Warriors, The Lost Warrior by Erin Hunter. In this graphic novel, there is a cat named Graystripe who is part a Thunderclan Warrior. He lived in a forest with many other cats who are part of his clan, but people came and started ripping the forest apart and they are trying to capture the cats. Graystripe was taken to someones house but he doesn't know where he is. He tries to escape many times but the people catch him and put him back inside the house. One day when Graystripe escaped, he met another cat who tried to help him get back to the forest. Millie leads Graystripe back to the forest and he teaches her how to hunt for her own food, and both of them stay in the forest together.

  51. Chloe Blanc Class 6

    The two books I read were “The Amazing Screw-On Head” by Mike Mignola and “No Girls” Allowed by Susan Hughes.
    The “Amazing Screw- On Head” by Mike Mignola is about a Screw on Head toy that saves the universe from bad guys. In the story President Lincoln sends the Screw on Head to secret missions that no one knows about. These missions consist of killing Emperor Zombie and stopping him from doing evil pranks.

    “ No Girls Allowed” by Susan Hughes is all about history of women’s rights and how they have to do daring things in order for them to have freedom. The story tells tales about how women had to dress up as men for love, freedom and adventure.

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  54. Katie Suter
    Class 5
    I read The Hardy Boys: Undercover Brothers Book 1, The Ocean of Osyria By Scott Lobdell. The Boys friend was framed for stealing a necklace, the Ocean of Osyria, and selling it on a website. They went on a mission in Osyria to find who had stolen the necklace and who put it on their friends account to sell.

    I also read Kat and Mouse: Tripped By Alex de Campi. The girls go on a class art trip to an art museum in Boston when a school theft has stolen a painting in the museum. The school theft has a codename that he likes to be called by, The Artful Dodger.

  55. Colin Logsdon
    Class 2

    In the graphic novel "Maximum Ride" by James Patterson, a family of half human half bird creatures goes on a quest to retrieve Angel, a member of their family from The School. The school is where they became mutants and promised never to go back. Now they must break there promise to save one of their own.

  56. The two graphic novels I read were Thoreau at Walden by John Porcellino, and Maximum Ride (2) by James Patterson.

    In the graphic novel Maximum Ride (2) by James Patterson there are six children genetically enhanced with avian DNA called the flock. They escape from the School, or a lab where cruel scientists experiment and enhance animals and humans. The flock then goes to New York to find answers about their parents. They keep getting caught by Erasers, or mutant wolves that want to hurt the flock and stop them from what they’re up too.

    In the graphic novel Thoreau at Walden by John Porcellino there is a guy named Thoreau that lives in a house he built in the woods, about a mile away from the closest neighbor. His house is on the shore of Walden pond, in Concord, Massachusetts. Thoreau is a philosopher, he wants to fix or solve some of the problems of life. Thoreau plants his own food and lives on his own, until one day he goes into town to observe peoples habits and gets thrown in jail because he didn’t pay a tax and obey authority of the state. He came out of jail the next morning because someone happened to have paid his tax. Afterwards, he returns home and lives as a philosopher on his own through the seasons.

  57. Kimmy Tomaino Class 6
    The Hardy Boys #9 To Die or Not to Die By: Scott Lobdell and Paulo Henrique:
    In this graphic novel the hardy brothers, Frank and Joe, need to complete their mission by finding the culprit involved in trying to sabotage the Drama Competition. Frank goes into the competition as a contestant while Joe goes backstage to investigate what happens behind the scenes. Along the way Frank starts to fall for Joelle, his acting partner. While strange things continue to happen the Hardy Boys continue to investigate. In the end they realize that the culprit was Joelle because she wanted more attention to herself even if it meant hurting her and others to get it.
    The Stuff of Legend Book 1: The Dark By: Mike Raicht and Brian Smith:
    In this graphic novel a young boy gets taken by the boogeyman. The boy’s toys must go on a dangerous adventure to try and find their friend. During their adventure they must fight in a battle against the boogeyman’s army. They also have to try and escape the mayor in the Town of Hopscotch. Along the way the toys argue with each other and try to get away from the boogeyman hoping to find the lost boy. The toys to don’t find the boy by the end of this story but there is a second book on their journey to find their lost friend.

  58. Elizabeth Stuart Class 5
    The Girl Who Owned A City By, O.T. Nelson
    This graphic novel was about a time in the world when there was a very contagious disease that only affected humans over the age of twelve. Now, the only human population alive are kids twelve and under. A brave girl named Lisa decides to share her resources with the rest of her clan and claims her own city.

    The Merchant Of Venice By, Gareth Hinds
    This graphic novel is about a princess who decided a husband between three different men. The way the woman will choose what man to marry is by which each man will pick the correct chest of jewels. The man, Bassanio, picked the correct chest and is now engaged to this woman and is given a ring that he shall never take off. This jew that Bassanio torments made a deal with him that if he didnt give him a certain amount of money in a certain amount of time, then the jew will be able to cut his flesh. Bassanio looses his money and is forced to his death. However, the woman comes out and finds a loop hole in the deal and gets him outbof it. The only thing the woman wants in return is his ring. He decides to give it to her and turns out, this woman is his wife to be and they lived happily ever after.

  59. Will Larkey Class 7
    Star Wars Omnibus Boba Fett:John Wagner:In this graphic novel Boba Fett the most feared bounty hunter in the universe goes on many hunts to find people with bountys on them.There are three sections in this book and i will be telling you about section one.Section one takes place approximatley three years before the battle of Yavin.Boba Fett gets called by Darth Vader to go on a bounty hunting mission to find a man named Abal Karda who once was a general and now is a highly wanted person.The reason Darth Vader put Karda on a bounty is because Karda stole Jewels from an ancient person.Darth Vader needed the jewels so he put the best bounty hunter in the universe on the case Boba Fett.But Vader couldnt completely trust Boba Fett so he sent a team of goons to follow him. When Boba was trying to locate Kardas whereabouts he spotted one of the ggoons and beat him up in a photo booth. After beating up one of the goons they regrouped and went to track Boba again.Finally Bobo found Abal Kardas location and travled there.Later when Boba Fett reached the location he was surprised.Karda hid in a church of holy men and was threatining to kill them.Finally Boba killed Karda by throwing him off of a cliff and getting the jewels.

  60. Max Benedict, Class 2
    The graphic novel "Outlaw, The Legend of Robin" by Tony Lee is about Robin of Loxley coming home from his crusade to find Prince John getting very wealthy on blood money when his king is away fighting. Robin goes into the Sherwood forest and makes a plan to get the people money back as an outlaw, even though his dad told him not to be an outlaw. In the end Robin defeats the Prince and the King returns and banishes the Price out of England. Robin gets named Earl of Huntington and gets married to Marian and lives happily ever after.

    In the graphic novel "The Twilight Zone:Deaths-Head Revised by Rod Serling, a retired Nazi commander, Mr. Schmidt, goes to an old Nazi camp as an older and man. When he arrives there, he goes in and prisoners of that camp come back to life and attack him and then sentence him to death. Later he wakes up and gets taken to the hospital strapped down and he finds out none of this really happened.

  61. Will Larkey Class 7
    Kampung Boy:Lat:The graphic novel Kampung Boy was a comic book/graphic novel about a aisian boy growing up.Every day something new happened.This book was as story book about Kampungs life.It was mainly focused on his childhood.From his grandparents and parents telling storys about him as a baby.The when he got older he would tell us (the readers) about his days.Everyday there would be a new topic.Overall this book just tells you about Kampungs life.Also the book was based on the 1950's and had asian traditions.

  62. Brian Fischer
    Class 6

    The book, “Ender’s Shadow”, is about a boy named Bean, who is smarter than many people around him. He is a homeless boy who lives in the hellish streets of Rotterdam, during the time period of 2170. He lives with a group of homeless kids, who all share something in common, the skill to stick up for each other, and steal; a life changing skill. Bean is discovered by a nun who gives him shelter. She tests him to see his capabilities, and finds out that he is different from all the other kids that she has tested in the past. She sends him off to a battle school in outer space to be taught how to fight. There is a war that is going on the whole time. When he arrives, one of the first things that he receives is a tablet, with a battle game. The game to the students is just another fun thing to do, but they are actually being monitored by the leaders of the battle school. This is used to evaluate each person there, and their skills. Bean realizes what is going on, and refuses to play; not because he doesn’t think that he can’t succeed at the game, but for the simple fact that he does not want to be monitored by others. He assumes that there must be a reason for this whole process, and decides to search more into it. When he does, he ends up hacking into the systems account, and finds important information, regarding someone who was in charge of the other army.

    In the book, “Prince of Persia”, a group of people with a royal jewel are caught by the king. They are accused of stealing it, even though they didn’t. It was given to them as a gift by the Prince of persia. Everyone in the group is connected to the Prince in some way, mostly for doing a good deed, or being good friends with him before he even became prince. Throughout the whole book, everyone explains how they are connected to him, trying to prove their innocence. They all describe a heroic act, or a helpful deed that they have done. Throughout the book the king does not believe any of them. He lets half of them go for not committing any major crime, but two of the men have to stay, for they have told an unbelievable story. In the end they end up escaping, and the king receives a letter from the Prince of persia, telling him to release the men at once, for they have committed no crime. Everyone was telling the truth through a different story, and the king ends up looking like a fool.

  63. David Niland Class 6
    In the book "Zita The Space Girl" By, Ben Hatke. Zita and her friend get sucked into a portal by a mysterious red button and get trapped in a whole different world. While they are there Zita's friend get captured by a creatures that lives there. Now Zita has to save her friend. On the journey she also meets new friends to help her (human and robot). At the end Zita rescues her friend but olny one of them can go back to earth. They decide that Zita's friend will go back. Now Zita has to jump from wprld to world to get back to earth.

  64. David Niland Class 6
    In the book "The Odyssey" By Gareth Hinds (Oringinal By, Homer) In greek times Odyssus get trapped in sea for many years. He is stuck in a cave in the middle of the ocean. One day he decides to try to head back to his home land. He travels for many years to get back to his main land. Finally, he returns and is reunited with his family.

  65. Hailey Holmes class 6

    I read Maximum Ride book 6 by James Patterson. In the book Max and the flock escape from the school where they are trapped and fly to an old hideout. There Max and Fang det into a fight over how to stop the school from taking over the world. As a result Fang decides to leave the flock with Iggy and the gasman. Leaving Max, Angle and Nudge. Together Max and her new “half flock” fly to Europe to the base of the school, INTEX. Where they are captured by the evil director. She forces Max to fight Omega, a genetic experiment that is supposed to be much stronger than Max. Angle helps Max win the fight by telling her Omegas week spot.
    In the book Night School by Svetlana Chmakova a witch lives with her big sister. The main character's name is Alex and her older sister works at a night school for witches, vampires and other supernatural creatures. While Alex is in the graveyard practicing her powers she runs into hunters who will kill her if they find her. She gets away using a spell that kills them. Meanwhile at the night school Alex’s big sister is lured into a trap by a mysterious new student. The book ends in a cliffhanger.

  66. Jonathan Silverman
    Class 2

    The graphic novel that I read is called, “The Oddysey” and is written by Homer. It is about the king Oddysseus and his men after they have won the Trojan War. The Gods are jealous that he and his men won so they curse Oddyseus’s path home and fill it with evil monsters so he will hopefully die, but Oddyseus is a great warrior and triumphs over all the monsters that crossed his path and returned safely home to his wife with all his men alive.

    The second graphic novel that I read is called, “Redwall” and is written by Brian Jacques. It is about a mouse named Mattias who has to overcome many challenges so he can find a ancient warriors lost sword so he can defend his home from the evil rat king and his army named Cluny.

  67. Ellen Richards
    Class 5

    Summary of Jane Eyre: Jane Eyre starts out with Jane as a little girl. She lives with her Aunt and her cousins because her uncle and parents both died. Her aunt and cousins treat her very badly and made her life extremely miserable. Her aunt finally shipped her off to boarding school where Jane thought that her life would be so much better. It turned out to be completely the opposite, her teachers were mean to her, and she only had one friend that passed away from sickness. After Jane finished with her studies she became a teacher at her school, there she taught for eight years. She decided it was time for her to leave so she left and went to get a job at Thornfield hall. There she was a teacher for Mr. Rochester, the owner of Thornfield’s daughter. When she met Mr. Rochester there was an instant connection and they fell in love immediately. After that her life went in ups and downs but she returned to Mr. Rochester after she found out he had gotten hurt in a fire. They ended up marrying and having one baby boy and they lived for the rest of their lives at Thornfield hall.

    Summary of Eternal Smile: Eternal smile is separated into three different stories. The first one is about a boy who has a troubled life and gets put into a coma by his mom’s boyfriend. In his coma he has dreams of having an amazing life where he’s rich, famous and has everything he ever could want. When he wakes up, his mom is sitting in the hospital room waiting of him to get up. The two make amends and end up happy.
    Story two: In the second story there is a frog. The frog is rich and famous and has everything he could ever want and need. He is greedy and always wants more money. One day his assistant tells him about something that he sees in the sky which he calls “the eternal smile” that could make him a lot of money. Of course the frog goes to it and begins to make a profit from it. He builds a church called the eternal smile and charges people a large amount of money to see the smile. Once everyone realizes he is not there to really help them but to take their money they all turn on him leaving him alone. After that he realizes the true key to happiness doesn’t come from money it comes from being and doing something you love.
    Story three: Story three is about a girl named Janet. Janet is not very happy with her life, she doesn’t have much money, she does not have a good job that she enjoys going to, and she doesn’t have anyone else in her life. One day Janet gets an email from a man that claims to be the Prince of Nigeria. He says that he needs to get her saving account from the banks pin number so he can store his money in it because the people in Nigeria are trying to steal it. Janet reluctantly agrees and gives him the number and the $5,000 he asked for. Every time she gets an email from him he asks for more money to help the process of transferring all his money to her account. In the end she has given him over $4,000 because she was starting to fall in love with him. Janet finally found out it was a scam and tracked down the man that did this to her. She found him but she didn’t want the money back. All she wanted was one good date with her fake prince. They later ended up dating and Janet quit her job and started doing things that made her happy.

  68. Mac Bredahl
    Class 5

    In the novel “The Hardy Boys, Board to Death” by Scott Lobdell and Paulo Henrique, Frank and Joe, the two main characters go undercover at a skateboard contest to solve a crime. They have to find a murderer. The boys had been sent by the A.T.A.C and the skateboarding competition had gotten very dangerous and the competitors are trying to kill their opponent, actually. Once it gets very dangerous with a gun being fired, the boys take action.They go on search and find the killer, Dexter Thomas, just in time before he could do to much damage, he was caught. The Hardy Boys were able to save the people at the skateboarding event and catch the killer!

    The second book I read was “Amulet, The StoneKeeper” by Kazu Kibuishi. In the book, Emily, Navin, and their mother move to haunted, old house to begin a new life after the death of the father. When they get to the house, Emily and Navin believe there are a lot of cool things that they take, and one of them being the stone necklace not knowing they are now the Stonekeepers. On the very first night of the stay, they hear strange noises and then their mother gets taken by a very strange creature. Em and Navin go threw the instructions of the Stone to get there mother back. The kids go through a lot of difficult task to find their mother while trying to finish the unfinished business of their great-grandfather, who was the first stonekeeper. Book one ends with Em, Navin, and their mother united again and they are off to finish the unfinished business.

  69. Ryan Saik Class 6

    The first book I read was Malcolm X, written by Andrew Hefler. It is a biography of Malcolm X, a civil’s rights activist in the 1950’s and 1960’s. The second book I read was The Talisman, written by Stephen King and Peter Straub. It is a fantasy story of a boy in search of his father and the hardships he must overcome.

  70. Drew Sardin Class #7
    I read Maximum Ride Volume 3 written by James Patterson. In this graphic novel, there are six main characters, Max, Fang, Iggy, Nudge, Angel, and Gazzy, who escaped from an evil lab. They are flying over the ocean towards a beach, and they get attacked by Erasers, which are evil flying wolves. In the fight Fang gets cut, and as a result they go to a hospital. At the hospital FBI agents question the kids, and one FBI agent decides to protect them and keep them at her house. While they’re there, she enrolls them in school. One day they’re walking home and get attacked by the scientists evil son, who doesn't put up much of a fight. Finally, the kids go home and explain what happened to the Agent, and share more about what is really going on.

  71. Drew Sardini Class #7

    I read the Graphic Novel Artemis Fowl written by Eoin Colfer and Andrew Donkin. In this graphic novel, the main character Artemis Fowl, a super genius with insane amounts of power, kidnaps a fairy in order to observe it, its technology and how it uses its magic. When the other fairys hear this they decide to attack Artemis and try to get back the captured Pixie, but they instead get knocked around by the one and only, Butler, another main character in the story. Artemis then uses the collected fairy magic to try to heal his mothers unknown disease, but that only makes it worse. At the end, his mother ends up waking feeling cured and is finally herself again, and Artemis is really happy and realizes he can be a kid again.

  72. Brendan Lee
    Class 2

    The graphic novel, "Coralline" by Neil Gaiman, is about a young, adventurist girl named Coraline. In the beginning her family moves into a boring house with absolutely nothing to do. While exploring the house, Coraline finds a door that is said to lead to nothing. She then finds out that it leads to another world, similar to hers, with the "other family". In this world everything is better; until Coraline finds out that it's not what it seems like. Coraline has to find away to defeat the "other mother" in other to save her real parents. She has to outsmart her and use her tools and surroundings to her advantage to escape the wrath of the "other mother".
    The graphic novel, "Houdini: The Handcuff King" by Jason Lutes is about the great Harry Houdini, a famous escape artist, performing his famous Harvard Bridge jump. In this stunt, he jumps into the freezing river with locked chains all over his body. Many believe its fake while many believe it's real. The novel shows his preparations, and his struggles, of being a escape artists and the publicity he receives.

  73. The second graphic novel I read was “ Sita’s Ramayana”. The book is about Queen Rama, the main character, whose husband was exiled from his kingdom so therefore they lived a calm life in the forest. Until, one day Ravana tricks sita and captures her and brings her back to Lanka as he was the king there. Then, it was Rama who had to save her and she prayed everyday as she was in a prison in Lanka. She was in a prison because she didn't take Ravana hand in marriage. Now, Ravana’s Brother, Desist, went to Lanka to kick some sense into Ravana but he Ravana would not listen. Then, there was a war between the two brothers. Finally the king of Lanka died so the War had ended. Rama was finally freed and her husband was now crowned king of Lanka. Then, Sita was touched by Ravana so Rama could not take her back. Then, the fire god made Rama take Sita back and they were now king and queen of Ayodhya but when they took a trip to the forest Rama abandoned her. So now Sita disappeared into the world and was never seen again.

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  75. Phoenix Class: 2

    Amelia Earhart This Broad Ocean, by Sarah Stewart Taylor and Ben Towle, along with Eileen Collins who wrote the introduction.
    Amelia Earhart is attempts to take off for her flight across the Atlantic Ocean. She finally arrives to her destination, so Grace, a local reporter from Amelia’s hometown writes a newspaper about her flight. Nine years later, the reporter reads an article saying that Amelia Earhart is missing on her quest to fly around the planet.

  76. Phoenix
    Class: 2

    The Plain Janes by, Cecil and Castellucci and Jim Rugg

    The main character Jane, moves from the city into the suburbs angry since she had to move. She doesn't really fit with the other high-school girls, but Jane finds a group of girls that she becomes friends with and creates a secret club called P.L.A.I.N- People Loving Art in Neighborhoods. They set up anonymous street art all around the town.

  77. Carson storm
    Class #2

    The graphic novel “Artemis Fowl the Graphic Novel” by Eoin Colfer is about a boy who finds out about a magic species that dates back to ancient civilization. These fairies need to complete a ancient ritual to Reno there powers. Artimeis captures a fairy and holds her ransom for fairy gold. Artemis then gives half the ransom to the fairy in exchange for a wish. He uses the wish so that he can make his mother sane again.

    The graphic novel “Evolution the Story of Life on Earth” by Jay Hosler is about a the evolution of the earth. This story is told by a alien curator on another plant who has studied the human race. He explains human evolution to the king and prince of his plant and at the end of story the prince decides to go to earth.

  78. Derek M. Class: 2
    Mythos- By Paul Jenkins
    In this graphic novel the author writes about different marvel characters. He writes about each character and explains the conflict in each story. For example, in one of the stories Jenkins writes about Spiderman and the conflict of his uncle dying. Spiderman or Peter Parker becomes very depressed when he finds out his uncle has died. Spiderman decides to take action and stop crime from happening. In many of the other marvel stories characters also go through different conflicts like Spiderman.
    Trickster- By James Bruchac, Joseph Bruchac, and Matt Dembicki
    In this story the co-authors write about different conflicts between the characters. The authors also teach different lessons about not cheating, lying, bragging, and stealing. In one of the stories, ‘’Azban and the Crayfish,’’ the raccoon tries to get food. He tricks the crayfish acting like he was dead. The crayfish lied to the others by telling the others he killed the raccoon and by once they believed him he kept on bragging. The crayfish went and celebrate and kept singing, but once they all were near the raccoon he sprung up and ate them all. The lesson of the story was to not to brag and lie to others